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For Enterprise Web Editing

The New Standard

Now can be used on all of your devices.

The outstanding Namo Editor technology fully supports all 6 main browsers.
With comprehensive OS support on your desktop, laptop – even on your phone and tablet – you can access your web documents anytime and anywhere.

It’s the easiest method for working on web documents.

From pasting MS Office documents to creating tables and inserting images, conveniently use all necessary functions for document-related work. With just Cross Editor alone you will have everything you need to develop your web documents.

We added additional functions that you’ll discover have indispensable value.

Even lacking photography skills, bring a great photo to life with Photo Editor. Cross Uploader makes it possible to easily upload/download large files. Translation, chart, dictionary…check out the huge range of functions that you will surely begin to depend on once you realize they exist!

You can use it wherever you need

Cross Editor is the best web editor for creating corporate web-based work documents.
It is a must for site management, HTML content creation, board web document creation,
and any professional corporate solutions such as Groupware, electronic payment, webmail, ERP, KMS, and CMS.

Website service necessary for multi-browser and multi OS support

Ex. Portal, blog, community, and email service

Web accessibility enhancement for public office/agency sites

Ex. Regional government websites, government office homepages, government agency projects

Systems excluding non-Active X downloading method and installing process

Ex. Groupware, electronic payment, webmail, ERP, KMS, CMS

Introducing Main Functions

HTML 5 Technology

  • Next generation technology base
  • Image pasting, drag & drop insert function
  • Chart editor (change graph to chart) provided
  • Photo editor (image editing, correction) provided
  • Cross uploader (large files) provided

Powerful Table Drawing

  • Command table drawing support
  • Mouse-drag method table drawing support
  • MS Word level table, cell management function provided
  • Sum, average cost, table calculation provided
  • Form protection and data collection provided

Windows Standard UI Support

  • Windows standard UI support
  • WYSIWYG method document support
  • Editing window, source editing, preview support

Proofreading check

  • Interwork proofreading check with Hangul MS Word program
  • Interwork support with MS Word in IE Browser
  • Korean, English proofreading check support

Office Compatibility

  • MS Office, Hangul document pasting support
  • In-document format compatibility function for table, font, size
  • In-document image copy, drag, drop support

Chart Function

  • Change table information to chart group function
  • Bar, circle, pie graph support
  • HTML 5 apply various chart insert function

Quick Menu and Window Size Control

  • MS Word method quick menu support
  • Quick and convenient sentence formatting
  • Window size control function via mouse

Emoticon and Pull-down Menu

  • Various emoticons, special character input function
  • MS Word method pull-down menu support
  • Simplify complicated button icon in UI support

HTML Document Conversion

  • Government electronic document distribution HTML conversion
  • Javascript-based image convert tool support for reporting tool

Real-time Translation

  • SYSTRAN translation function support
  • Real-time hybrid translation support provided
  • Korean, English, Mandarin, Vietnamese cross-lingual translation provided
  • Language translation add-on function

Electronic Dictionary

  • SYSTRAN electronic dictionary function provided
  • Real-time electronic dictionary service support
  • Korean, English, Mandarin, Vietnamese dictionary support
  • Dictionary DB add-on function per language

Layout and Tablet Function

  • Access to a wide range of documents
  • Exquisite document support with simple input
  • Administrator able to register document forms

Mobile UI Support

  • Tablet and smartphone browser environment support
  • IOS, Android (web view mode support) internal browser
  • Mobile only UI support
  • Form, image paste, file uploader support

Personal Information Blocking and Prohibited Word Management

  • Personal information check and blocking support within document
  • Automatic phone number, ID number, email address checking
  • Text replacement and deletion input function for confirmed information
  • Blocking function for administrator’s prohibited word selection

Attachment Security

  • CYREN server security interlocking support
  • In-document attached image virus blocking support
  • Large file attachment virus blocking support using cross uploaders
  • Virus, malware, malicious code block function

Malicious code protection

  • Malicious Code Protection Within HTML Source Code
  • Malicious Script Removal Except XXS
  • Restrict Iframe, script, tag, attribute use
  • Restrict unnecessary tags according to site policy

Administrator’s Page

  • Support editor’s driving environment setting change
  • View immediate changes using advance view
  • I change support,restrict extension, tag, script
  • Set web accessibility steps
  • Set editing environment and screen (skin, CSS etc.)

Multi-language Resource Support

  • Multi-language menu support for global enterprises
  • Multi-language menu, pop-up, help key support
  • Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Traditional Chinese provided

Developer, Administrator Support

  • Plug-in method design
  • Various API support
  • XML-based administrator function support
  • Editor skin, design customization support

Web accessibility assessment

  • Document web accessibility verification function support
  • Summary information of table, image attachment input validation
  • Step-by-step setup availability in admin’s site
    1st step: require table, image summary information
    2nd step: block HTML editing, copy-pasting

Multimedia Insertion, User Configuration

  • Video, image, date, time input availability
  • Layer, hyperlink, bookmark input availability
  • Document type (HTML, XHTML) selectable
  • Encoding type (UTF-8, EUC-KR< KS5601) setting selectable

System Requirements

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or above
  • Linux
  • Unix

Supported HTML

  • HTML5
  • HTML 4.01
  • XHTML 1.0 (Transitional)

Supported web languages

  • ASP
  • 2.0 or above
  • PHP 4.30 or above
  • JDK1.5 or above

Supported web servers

  • IIS5.0 or above
  • Microsoft. NET Framework
  • Apache 2.0 or above
  • Tomcat 6.0 or above

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