First corporate web editor launched in 1998
Used as corporate editior by over 6,000 companies both in and outside South Korea since launch
Meet the upgraded Active Square


Strongest HTML web editor on the market

Over 6,000 corporate customers' preferred choice

High document compatibility

As acknowledged by over 6,000 corporate clients, Active Square provides the best possible document compatibility.
It supports not only MS Office but also various other web-based SW content.

Supports full WYSIWYG editing environment

Active Square’s WYSIWYG essence makes HTML document editing easy.
Editing and preview information is equally offered by full CSS support.

Easy interlocking and free function setting is possible

Various system interlocking is possible.
Compatibility and usage has been strengthened through initialization file provision.
User function add-in enables easy use of documents.

Various working environments supported

Active square is a html-based editor that prides itself in being the best solution for intranet work.

  • Corporate web based work system
  • MS Office content compatibility for web-based documents
  • Intranet groupware, KMS, various report documents
  • CS environment work systems
  • X-internet environment
  • Client, server environment working system support

Introducing Main Functions

CSS, MS Office form compatibility

  • MS Word, Excel document form compatibility
  • Excel, PPT document image pasting
  • CSS3 style support
  • ML tag organizing function

WYSIWYG HTML Edit Settings

  • Provides the same formatting as word processor
  • Font, shape, size, decor, color, whitelist, subscript
  • Line spacing, bullets, insertion, paper-out, space (space, spacing) document properties
  • Arrange background pictures, background music and verse

Support three single windows

  • Design window, HTML source window, preview window
  • Easy use with tab, can display only desired tab
  • Can edit sophisticated source code using a HTML source selection window

Powerful Table-making Feature

  • Table insertion, cell splitting / aggregation, cell / table border setting, and many other related functions
  • Advanced table-related features, such as columning, turning tables into text, and more
  • Support cell size theorem (width/height/revision), captions, table tools, and table / cell lockout (for administrators)
  • Calculation of table formula (completion/average calculation)

Standard MIME Format Support

  • Standard MIME format support for server transfer of inserted image or multimedia file in document
  • Server-based content management function utilization, including cms/kms, home shopping product information management

Chart Function Provided

  • Provides the ability to create charts based on data entered in the table
  • Create charts by selecting different chart shapes and options, similar to Excel
  • Provides 21 chart types including bar, linear, xy, pie chart, stacked, and radial

Image/multi-media Insertion

  • GIF, JPG-type image insertion/preview support
  • Convenient insertion function for multi-media files as flash (lfv, swf), Windows Media Player etc.

DOM Interface Support

  • Enter and extract specific field data using DOM function (electronic payment)

Image Conversion Function

  • Convert and forward the contents of HTML Editor’s edit window to BMP file function
  • Convert complicated tables and charts in Excel documents into BMP and eliminate the hassle of re-posting

Spellcheck support

  • Verify the spelling of documents with MS Word’s spellcheck function (option)
  • Built-in technical dictionary (law, science)
  • Proper noun (including KOSDAQ company names) and current term dictionary
  • Latest spelling check function of the National Academy of Korean language, including the latest loan-word orthography
  • Possible to add own spellcheck feature aside from MS Word

HTML Source Editor Provided

  • Syntax coloring/tag folding, add and move bookmark, move line number
  • Change upper/lower case, automatic line change, automatic indenting
  • provide commercially available HTML source editing function

Preview and Print Function

  • Print the contents of editing window
  • Read-only function can print body content only

Tag organizing function support

  • Can convert edited information made with HTML source in accordance with the ECG standard so that unnecessary formatting, duplication, or tagging can be easily deleted

Change UI according to introduction circumstances

  • Easy configuration for use of the intra-corporate system (UI change, input environment etc.)

Multi-language resource and input support

  • Multi-language resource for global corporations (Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese)
  • Multi-language resource support range – menu, pop-up message, help
  • Multi-language function entry capability is available for all languages supported on MS OS

Administrator use function support

  • Separate versions for streamlining system adminsistrator’s operations
  • Provides table/cell locking function for format mainting templates and data collection
  • Script insert function (document, self-script)

System Requirements

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or above
  • Linux
  • Unix

Supported HTML

  • HTML5
  • HTML 4.01
  • XHTML 1.0 (Transitional)

Supported web languages

  • ASP
  • 2.0 or above
  • PHP 4.30 or above
  • JDK1.5 or above

Supported web servers

  • IIS5.0 or above
  • Microsoft. NET Framework
  • Apache 2.0 or above
  • Tomcat 6.0 or above

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