Active Photo 3 makes pictures look spectacular

What is Namo Active Photo?

Namo Photo Editor is a web-based image editing software that supports multi-browser environments and provides various digital image editing and correction functions.

  • Active Photo is software provided with Namo Cross Editor for editing images
  • Supports multi-browser environments and can be used in html 5 version or flex version according to user preference
  • Flex version provides a greater variety of functions than the html version in terms of multi-image editing, slide shows, and pen function

Easy use

  • Images can be edited without the need for additional training
  • Enables consolidation of multiple images into one single image using layout function

Easy installation

  • Follow up function provided
  • Possible to upload/download large files
  • Folder, file drag & drop support

Various add-ons

  • 10 texture effects, 16 image effects supported
  • Create layouts and slide albums with drag & drop
  • Edited images can be saved on local PC (jpg, bmp, gif, tif, png file formats)
  • Multi-language resource option (English, Japanese) provided

Introducing Main Functions

free image transformation

  • Rotate left, right, and reverse
  • Control size with mouse
  • Capacity and size change support for controlling user’s orginal image size

different cutting options

  • Cutting options provided in various selected areas
  • Cut selected or unselected areas
  • Create new layers with selected areas after saving original document


  • Layer window provided for sophisticated and easy image editing
  • Delete, hide, or show layers

Filter effects

  • Possible to apply filter effect
  • Provide auto-correction, black-white, sepia, blurring, vivid, embossing effects

Insert text and emoticon

  • Text insertion support using format function
  • Speech bubble, graphic insertion support
  • Various emoticons, icons insertion support

Image correcting function

  • Image color adjustment, brightness, saturation, contrast feature function
  • Tricolor concentration controlling function

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