Company introduction

Company introduction

Make creating good content easy,
make sharing convenient

Some in word and documents, some in pictures, and others in images
Express oneself or send a message anywhere using various devices and methods
A world where everything is connected to more people through the web

Creates a platform that enables easy to use design and convenient sharing of content that connects individuals with each other and to the world

Company outline

company outline
Company name Namo Editor Ltd. Establishment date May 1st, 2016 (Namo Interactive Editor division branch)
CEO Jinsun Uh Business area Software advisory and development supply
Location 3rd floor, Yeoksam-ro 97gil 7, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Organization chart



Wordmark is a key part of Namo editor. We comply with the usage regulations and avoid image damage due to distortion, deformation and misuse of the word mark shape and color.

Color system

Dedicated colors apply to base elements and applications, including symbol and logo type

HEX #094e89
RGB R: 9 G:78 B:137
CMYK C:100% M:77% Y:19% K:4%

HEX #414141
RGB R: 65 G:65 B:65
CMYK C:76% M:70% Y:67% K:33%


Font used is Google Noto Sans and the standard size is 12 pt.

23 Years

number of years over which Namo Editor has accumulated expertise

28 Products

number of products launched by Namo Editor

129 Countries

number of countries that purchased Namo Editor products

Over 400 Customers

number of overseas corporate customers that purchased Namo Editor products

Over 6,000 Customers

number of overseas corporate customers that purchased Namo Editor products


number of product users


2017 September

Launched Namo Web Editor One Global

2017 August

Attained Namo Cross Editor 4 GS certification

2017 April

Launched Namo Cross Editor 4

2017 February

Launched Namo 360 Editor

2016 November

API technical agreement on cross editor multi-language support
(Sistyran International)

2016 May

Established independent Namo Editor corporate branch

2016 February

Launched Namo Cross Uploader

2015 December

Launched Namo Active Photo 3

2015 December

Launched Active Square 8

2015 January

Launched Namo Photo Editor 2

2015 January

Launched Cross Editor 3.5

2014 April

Launched Namo Cross Editor 3.0

2009 May

Selected as promising medium-sized export business

2008 August

Obtained Information and Communication Corporation license

2008 May

Selected as venture businesses (Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)

2008 March

Established as a corporate-affiliated research center (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

2007 November

Established independent Namo Interactive corporation
(corporate division of Saejoong Namo Travel)

2005 November

Namo web studio obtained 2006 GS certification

2005 May

Selected as one of World’s Finest Selection of Products (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

2004 May

Expansion into overseas publishing business

2001 May

Established local subsidiary in Boston, USA

2000 October

Namo Deepsearch 4 adopted as official search engine at the ASEM Summit

2000 June

Listed on KOSDAQ

1996 March

Changed company name to Namo Interactive

1995 December

Founded Hankom Research Ltd.

Where Namo Crew work

3rd floor, Yeoksam-ro 97gil 7, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Closest metro station is Samsung station of line 2

General contact


Fax number


By metro/subway

Go out from Samsung Station via line 2
→ Go out of exit 3 and continue straight
→ Turn right at the Whimoon High School intersection
→ Across from Whimoon High School main gate

By bus

  • Bus route: take 143, 350, 3422, 2413
  • Bus station name: Whimoon Middle/High school station
  • Across from Whimoon High School main gate

By car

Whimoon High school direction from Samsung station intersection
→ Go straight and turn right at Whimoon high school intersection

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