Make creating good content easy,
Make sharing convenient

Make creating good content easy,
make sharing convenient

Creates a platform that enables easy to use design and convenient sharing of content that connects individuals with each other and to the world.


Easy editing


Convenient sharing


Viewable anywhere

Introducing Namo Editor that connects individuals with each other and to the world

Namo Cross Editor

As an HTML 5-based corporate web editor, Namo Cross Editor provides various functions and stability for the best editing work environment.

It makes possible the easy and convenient production of documents for web tasks in companies, public organizations and groups.

As an HTML-based Non-Active X method, it supports the world’s top 6 browsers, multi OS, and mobile environments to allow each and anyone to use it conveniently.

Namo Active Square is

An industrial HTML web editor that is convenient and powerful for establishing an effective intranet work environment.

Easy to use and convenient software for corporate intranet work documents and content.

A HTML Wysiwyg Component Editor, Namo Activesquare is already verified as the best business document editor by over 6,000 corporate customers.

Namo Cross Uploader is

The safest HTML 5-based large file upload/download controller.

Safely upload and download large files on various browsers and OS.

Predominantly used for web-based business and services.

Namo Active Photo is

An image-only editor that allows easy correction of digital images on the web.

A multi-browser environment web image editor.

Quickly uploads images to the web with a diverse range of filters.

Namo Web Editor One is

The easiest home-page construction personal web editor.

Build your home-page exactly how you want it to be. Anybody can easily use Namo Web Editor One to build a home-page fast and effectively.

* Purchase and customer support available via separate site.

Leading the future of web standards with over 6,000 corporate customers in South Korea
and over 400 corporate customers outside of South Korea


23 years


28 products launched by Namo Editor


Purchased in 129 countries


400 corporate customers purchased


Purchased by 6,000 corporate customers


10,000,000 users

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